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BOBO Machine Company is a China-based manufacturer of high quality pipe duct machine, scrap baler, PU foam machine, wheel machine, and many related products. Since our foundation in 2004, we have worked to consistently provide reliable and durable metal processing equipment to our global clients. As a result of our efforts, BOBO Machine products are used in countless applications in a variety of fields around the world. For instance, our spiral duct machine is designed to produce round air ducts for various uses, such as HVAC round ducts, oval ducts, and chimney flues. Our corrugated pipe machine is used to produce round and flat corrugated pipes for expressways, airports, bridges, and other projects. Our scrap metal baler can compress various kinds of steel paring, scrap steel, aluminum scrap, and waste copper into compact bales to aid in recycling. Available in high pressure and low pressure types, our PU Foam Injection Machine is primarily used for continuously injecting rigid or soft polyurethane foam for various thermal insulation purposes. For application information on more products, please feel free to click on the corresponding product pages.

    1. Spiral duct machine

      Compared to traditional straight seam duct, the spiral shaped duct possesses more rigidity in terms of closed seam and corrugation.

    1. Corrugated Pipe Machine

      The corrugated pipe machines are especially designed for the production of round & flat corrugated pipes commonly used in the construction of expressway, airport, bridge, and large-span post-tension concrete project

    1. Waste Paper Baler

      The fully automatic horizontal waste paper baler is specifically designed for use in large and medium-sized waste paper recycling centers.

    1. Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine

      The Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine is a cost effective portable device designed for extensive site work, and is capable of precision measuring and even mixing. It is widely used for wall, roof, refrigerator, box, and pipe insulation.

    1. Wire and Strip Forming Machine

      3D wire forming machine adopts dedicated computer system imported from Taiwan, wire forming machine and high-density servo motor.

    1. Wheel Roll Forming Machine

      The wheel roll forming machine forms the section profile of the tubeless wheel rim.

    1. Bolt And Nut Machine

      We provide a vast range of products, including car wheel rim machine, PU Foam Injection Machine, scrap metal baler, filter paper pleating machine, and much more.

    1. Punch Press Machine

      The 60ton punch press machine is also known as the eccentric press, mechanical press, electric press, power press, or inclinable press.

At BOBO Machine, we utilize quality steel materials from the Baosteel Group, Angang Steel Company, and other dependable suppliers, so as to ensure the quality and rigidity of our equipment. In addition, the use of renowned brand electrical elements also contributes to the reliability of our duct elbow machine, aluminum can baler, and steel wheel rim machine. We also can accommodate customers by manufacturing our products using key components from brands that they request. With years of experience in the field, our staff understands the needs of our clients, the developments in the market, and consequently strives to supply new and improved flexible duct machine, waste paper baler, circular shear, and other machines to our valued clients.

We at BOBO Machine can meet or exceed clients' expectations with high quality and cost effective duct machines, scrap metal balers, foam cutting machines and wheel machines. Purchasing steel materials in bulk quantities has enabled us to sign favorable long-term supply agreements with our suppliers, so we can acquire quality materials at reduced rates. In addition, we have a wide range of production and processing equipment which can effectively and efficiently execute planing, milling, cutting, welding, and more. This helps us to greatly reduce processing costs while better controlling quality. Our company is located in Rugao City, about 2 hours from the port of Shanghai and theShanghai Pudong International Airport. Here we have convenient air, land and water transportation, which translates into lower shipping charges and prompt delivery for our customers.

At BOBO Machine, our ability to deliver our high quality and competitively priced scrap baler, car wheel rim machine, punch press machine, and other products has earned us a growing client base. We now have clients in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Greece, Poland, and Russia, to name a few.

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