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Automatic Deep Drawing Press Machine

Model BYA-200
The main oil cylinder nominal force (KN) 1500
Max. working pressure of the main oil cylinder liquid (Mpa) 20
Master cylinder return force (KN) 60
Nominal pressure of pressure side cylinder(KN) 500
Max. working pressure of the pressure side cylinder liquid (Mpa) 20
Nominal force of the rejected material cylinder (KN) 25
Max. stroke of activities beam (mm) 550
Max. stroke of pressure side cylinder piston (mm) 300
Max. stroke of rejected material cylinder (mm) 210
Distance between the piston beam and the worktable (mm) Max: 1000 Min: 450
Activities beam lifting speed Empty descemding (mm/s) 130
Forcing (mm/s) 10/22
return trip (mm/s) 250
Pressure side cylinder piston ascending velocity (mm/s) 85
Rejected material cylinder ejector speed (mm/s) 60
Motor power (kw) 30
Worktable size (mm) Left and right 700
Front and back 800
Overall dimension (mm) 1900*1480*3645
Weight (t) 5.5
Hydraulic Trimming and Beading Machine
Hydraulic Trimming and Beading Machine
Model QJJ-325X300
Max. work piece diameter Φ325mm
Max. work piece height 300mm
Work piece thickness 0.5~1.2mm
Work piece rotating speed 100-950r/min (adjustable)
Main motor power 4KW, 1440rpm
Hydraulic pump motor power 2.2KW, 1440rpm
Max. Stroke for side cylinder 50mm (10-30mm adjustable)
Max. Pushing force for side cylinder 3 Ton
Side cylinder work pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Max. Hydraulic pressure 5MPa
Overall dimension 1900*1150*2800mm
Automatic Cookware Cleaning Line
Automatic Cookware Cleaning Line

1. Dimension: 18300x17300x2400 (optional)
2. Alkali liquid tank (acid tank) temperature: ≤65° adjustable or auto constant temperature function (standard model)
3. Dryer temperature: ≤120℃ adjustable or auto constant temperature (standard model)
4. Water consumption: 1.5-2.5t/h (standard)
5. Washing liquid: Metal washing agent + de-oil agent + soda (mix in certain ratio)
6. Water requirement: Tap water (soft water)
7. Heating method: Electricity, gas, steam, petrol optional

Cookware Utensil External Polishing Machine
Cookware Utensil External Polishing Machine

Main Technical Data
Model: EPM4140-C
Suitable work piece size: Pot body ≤400mm * 350mm (Diameter*Height)
Pot lid ≤400mm * 50mm (Diameter*Height)
Polishing wheel size: ≤430mm*330mm (Diameter * Thickness)
Main shaft rotating speed: 2160 rpm
Work piece rotating speed: 28-140rpm, adjustable
Air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa
Work piece holding: Vacuum clamping
Motor power: Main motor 11KW * 2
Work piece rotate motor: 0.75KW * 2
Reciprocating motor: 0.37KW * 2
Machine dimension: 3575 * 1256 * 1275mm

Cookware Utensil Internal Polishing Machine
Large Glass Double Line Straight Edging Machine
Main Technical Data
Model: MB4220-A
Work piece diameter: Up to 400mm
Work piece height: 50-300mm
Work piece rotate speed: 28-140rmp, stepless adjustment
Polishing wheel diameter: Up to 200mm
Polishing wheel rotate speed: 2900rpm
Working air pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa
Motor power for polishing wheel: 7.5KW
Motor power for work piece fixture: 0.75KW
Dimension: 2170 * 1880 * 1500 mm
Weight: About 1500KG
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