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The circular shear is also known as the circular cutter. It is equipped with a two roll cutter or slitter and a pneumatic pressing/feeding system. In a single smooth process, the machine is capable of automatically slitting a metal sheet into inner or outer round shapes, providing highly efficient productivity and reducing labor costs. The ideal materials for processing include galvanized steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The cutting diameter and thickness maybe be customized according to client specifications. The circular cutter blade consists of 6Cr52Si for improved hardness, and the machine mainframe is constructed with welded steel for reliable performance and precision functions. The onboard control system consists of an automatic/manual toggle for continuous work or testing work. The implemented pressing system utilizes auto-locking technology to prepare sheets for slitting. The pressing mechanism is a high-friction component, to prevent unwarranted work piece displacement during slitting.

Circular shear / circular cutter

Circular Shear Circular Shear

Technical Specifications
Model: W1250-4
Suitable thickness: max. 4mm
Work piece diameter: 200-1250mm
Slitting speed: 10m/min
Size of slitter: Diameter 100mm. Thickness 30mm
Raw material of slitter: 6Cr52Si
Pneumatic cylinder size: 100 x 300mm [diameter x length]
Motor power: 1.6kw
Weight: 1.1 ton

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