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PU Gasket Seal Machine

The PU Gasket Seal Machine is widely utilized in the industry for electric cabinet door panel seal production. Complete with the advanced CNC control moving system, the machine is capable of injections targeting different shapes of seals. The material tank is constructed entirely from stainless steel and comes with an integrated vacuum and mixing system. BOBO offers a one year parts warrantee with the purchase of every PU Gasket Seal Machine.

The three axis PU gasket seal machine is used to pour sealing strip on plate or groove with different shapes, its thin self-skinned surface is smooth and elastic, its Shaw hardness id A10~20. In order to pour sealing strip reliably, the PU seal pouring machine is equipped with a precise mini pouring system with the features of fine adjustment and reliable pouring.

Main Technical Data
No. Parameter Data
1 Working stroke 2250 x 1250 x 200mm (X/Y/Z axis)
2 Measuring accuracy ±0.2%
3 Working pressure 0-4MPa
4 Filtration accuracy 40-50um
5 Output capacity 0.6-5g/s
6 Seal gasket width 4-30mm
7 Mixing ratio 1:1-1:10
8 Working speed 0-20m/min
9 Re-positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
10 Requested air pressure 0.8MPa

BOBO Machine is a professional PU Gasket Seal Machine manufacturer based in China. Our company provides a broad range of products, including flexible hose machine, spiral duct machine, bolt and nut machine, Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine, and much more.

PU Gasket Seal Machine
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