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Cotton Textile Baler

The cotton textile baler machine is specifically designed for the efficient compression of old cloth, towel, rags, fibers and other textiles. BOBO provide two possible options for this unit, either the three-open-door or the four-open-door model is available. The machine is powered by two hydraulic cylinders that are capable of a combined pressure ranging from 30ton to 60ton. The entire textile baler frame is welded from high integrity steel that has been quenched for increased stability. This unit is shipped in a steel frame and wooden case for optimal protection. Note that the nominal pressure can be up to 100ton and the bale size can be up to 1200x800mm. The bale size and specifications are entirely customizable by client request. Customizable exterior machine paint and OEM service are available upon request.

Technical Specifications

Type RX30-6040 RX40-7040 RX50-7040 RX60-1060
Pressing power 30 tons 40tons 50tons 60tons
Baling size 600*400 700*400 700*400 1000*600
Baler weight 30-11 0kg 50-150kg 90-200kg 150-300kg
Cycle time 30-35s
Efficiency 3-5bale/hour
Ejection method Manual
Wire quantity Horizontal and vertical wire quantities to be decided by customers
voltage 38 0v , 50hz, 3phrase(can be customized)
Working method Semi-automatic
Control way Motor-driven button
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 11kw
Weight 1200kg 1300kg 1350kg 1500kg
Dimension 1150*950*3000 1150*950*3200 1150*1150*3200 1350*1350*3450

We are a specialized cotton textile baler manufacturer in China. At BOBO Machine we also offer car wheel rim machine, flexible duct machine, bolt and nut machine, and more.

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