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Waste Tyre Baler

The vertical waste tyre baler especially designed for compressing waste tyre or tire, and other kinds of high resilience plastic or rubber materials. Given the properties of waste rubber material, the tyre baler machine is designed with more stability, pressure, and safeguards. For instance, the machine structure is constructed through welding technology to yield a higher integrity chamber frame. The chamber door is powered by a hydraulic system for ease of use and safety. Manual valve and long stroke cylinder ensures excellent performance and stability. The total applicable pressure varies between 100ton to 180ton, depending on the bailer size and density. The unit is shipped via a steel frame and wooden case to ensure protection during transport. Exterior paint customization and OEM service are also available by client request. The waste tyre baler machine is always in stock and the estimated time of arrival is between 7 and 10 days.

Technical Specifications

Model BO-OT100 BO-OT120 BO-OT150 BO-OT180
Hydraulic power (Ton) 100Ton 120Ton 150Ton 180Ton
Baler size (mm) 1400*700*700-1100 1400*700*700-1100 1800*1000*700-1250 2100*1200*700-1250
Feeder size (mm) 1400*600 1400*600 1800*750 2100*750
Chamber Size (mm) 1400*700*1700 1400*700*1700 1800*1000*2100 2100*1200*2100
Capability 5-6balers/hour 5-6balers/hour 4-5balers/hour 4-5balers/hour
Bale weight (kg) 400-600 500-700 1000-1500 1300-2000
Voltage 380V/50HZ (can be customized)
Power 15KW/20HP 15KW/20HP 22KW/30HP 30KW/40HP
Weight (kg) 4500 5500 7500 9500

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