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Filter Making Machine

Applicable for all of our filter making machinery, free training is provided at our plant and highly qualified technicians are available for on-site installation, or commissioned training.

As a China-based filter making machine manufacturer, BOBO Machine also supplies car wheel rim machine, Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine, corrugated pipe machine, cycle wheel rim machine, and much more.

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Filter Machine | Air Filter Machine | Oil Filter Machine
Other Products
    1. Wheel Roll Bending MachineThe wheel roll bending machine consists of a main frame, a three-roller system and a feeding table. It is capable of achieving simultaneous rolling and planishing with onboard PLC control. The bending roller originates from high integrity steel for dependable stability in working performance. Powered by a pneumatic system ...
    1. Wheel Butt Welding MachineThe hydraulic wheel butt wielding machine welds the wheel in sequence of the roll bending process. The automated processes include clamping, forging, flashing, welding and unloading. The welding transformer holds a capacity in between 400KVA to 1200KVA and covers all standard wheel rim sizes. In comparison with traditional mechanical ...
    1. Wheel Deburring MachineThe wheel deburring machine efficiently removes welding slag after the flash butt welding process. The operation is automatically driven by a powerful hydraulic system. The work stroke and length is customizable in accordance with wheel size. Tough and durable scrapper blades are implemented on either sides of the trimming machine ...
    1. Wheel Planishing MachineThe wheel planishing machine planishes the welding seam and is ideal for butt welding and trimming operations. The standalone wheel planisher is an entirely optional wheel machine due to the fact that the roll bending machine already has a built-in planishing function. The proper usage of the planishing machine first requires a curving machine ...
    1. Wheel Roll Forming MachineThe wheel roll forming machine forms the section profile of the tubeless wheel rim. Three sets of machines usually operate in unison to form the wheel rim in a sequential manner that delivers the final profile. Rotary roll forming is a cold forming process where straight side cylinders or rings are utilized to form profiles.
    1. Wheel Air Tightness Testing MachineThe wheel air tightness testing machine is utilized to test welding quality of wheels.
      BOBO Machine is a professional wheel air tightness testing machine manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including PU Gasket Seal Machine, rectangle duct machine, spiral duct machine, among others.