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Steel Rail Welding Machine

The UN-150F fixed type steel rail welding machine is classified as dedicated machinery for railway rail welding project, ideal for continuous fixed location operations. It is capable of welding steel rail, heavy duty rail, city subway rail, and other similar rails at high speeds of over 200kg/h. The process is ideal for 50kg/m, 60kg/m, 75kg/m, and other various rail welding. The welding joint is of excellent quality and stability, having passed all performance and appearance based testing in accordance with the Chinese Railway Standard TB/T1632-2005. All essential parts will ship with the machine for free, with the exception of some consumable parts which should be ordered separately. An optional self-propelled steel rail butt welding machine is available for purchase and is loaded in a standard container for portable work on the rail.

Technical Specifications
Rated electric character: AC380±10%V, 50Hz, 3Phase (Can be customized)
Secondary voltage: 4.2-7.3V
Rated current: 394Amps
Rated capacity: 150KVA
Duty cycle: 50%
Max. Welding stroke: 85mm
Max. Welding section: 10000mm²
Rated hydraulic pressure: 12.5Mpa
Rated upsetting force: 500KN
Clamp force: 1350KN
Suitable work condition: Altitude less than 2500m, temperature 5℃-35℃
Dimension: 3232 X 2415 X 1497mm
Weight: 9500kg

BOBO Machine is a China-based steel rail welding machine manufacturer and supplier. We also offer rotary swaging machine, bolt and nut machine, shearing machine and press brake, and more.

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