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Cardboard Box Baler

The cardboard box baler is ideal for the compression of a variety of non-metallic materials such as cardboard, cotton yarn, piece goods, gunny-bag, woven bag, tobacco leaf, plastic, wool top, fur ball, cocoon, silk, grass, plastic bag, and much more. The baler is designed with high density and a uniform size for convenient container shipment. It is powered by two hydraulic cylinders with a combined pressure ranging from 10ton to 30ton. Note that the nominal pressure can be up to 100ton and the bale size can be up to 1200x800mm, it is entirely customizable by client request. The entire machine frame is welded from high integrity quenched steel that provides exceptional stability. It ships via a steel frame and wooden case for added protection. Customizable exterior paint jobs and OEM service are also available by request. This model is always in stock and the estimated delivery time is 7-10 days.

Technical Specifications

Model RA10-6040 RB10-6040 RA20-8060 RB20-8060 RA30-8060 RB30-8060
Pressing power 10 Ton 20 Ton 30 Ton
Baling size 600*400mm 800*600mm 800*600mm
Bale weight 30-50kg 80-100kg 100-130kg
Efficiency 3-5bale/hour 3-5bale/hour 3-5bale/hour
Cycle time 25-30s 25-30s 25-30s
Wire quantity 4 wires
Baling method Manual
Bale ejection method Auto turn over Auto push out
Power 2.2kw 3kw 4kw
Working method Semi-Automatic
Control way JA: Hand-operated valve; JB: Motor-driven button
Weight 600kg 800kg 900kg
Dimension(mm) 900*650*2100 1000*750*2750 1000*750*2750

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