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Waste Paper Baler

The fully automatic horizontal waste paper baler is specifically designed for use in large and medium-sized waste paper recycling centers. It is capable of compressing and packing waste newspaper, fluting paper, and much more. Complete with a streamlined exterior, a strong, durable structure, and a perfectly calibrated electric control system, this machine can handle auto feeding, pressing, measuring and discharging all with great efficiency. The baling machine can be further customized to fit client needs such as variable baler size, density and weight. The machine ships with a one year parts warrantee.

Technical Specifications

Model RH-150 Remarks
Cylinder Size Main 250x2300 Stroke Main 2300mm
Secondary 200x210 Secondary 210mm
Pressure 90-150 Ton Quantity 2 pieces
Hydraulic system pressure 2100psi
Material inlet size 1100x1900mm Customized
Bale size 1800x1100x1200mm Customized
Bale weight 1.0-1.4Ton
Motor power Main motor 30kw
Wire feeding device 1.5kw
Conveyor 5.5kw
Packing wire Iron wire / plastic rope
Work method Automatic control
Productivity 8-10bales/hour
Motor specification Oil pump Taiwan Capacity 30kw Customized
Rotary speed 1460rpm Voltage 380V
Hydraulic oil Model 46#
Tank capacity 700kg
Machine weight 15Ton

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