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Pipe/Tube Thread Rolling Machine

The three-die thread rolling machine is used to roll screw thread on thin walled tube. It can process screw thread, knurled, pattern thread, etc. The three-die thread rolling machine is used to make pipe or tube with the diameter of 16-90mm, screw pitch of 0.5-6mm, and the rolling length is unlimited as you like. With hydraulic drive system, the thread rolling machine works strongly and smoothly, and the hydraulic pressure is adjustable. We will supply necessary spare parts free of charge at least one year. For convenient installation and commissioning, our thread roller is easy to operate, we will supply the video and operation manual, the free training is viable. The wooden package is optional to protect 3-die cylindrical thread rolling machine well during shipment.

Main Technical Data

Model ZC28-3.0 ZC28-6.0 ZC28-6.3
Threading diameter Φ9-Φ40mm Φ20-Φ50 Φ30-Φ80
Thickness of rollers 20-40mm 20-70mm 20-100mm
Active power 1.5kw 2.5kw 2.5kw
Hydraulic power 1.5kw 2.0kw 2.0kw
Roller aperture Φ35mm Φ50mm Φ75mm
Threading length Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Unit weight 600±50kg 1100±50kg 1300±50kg
Dimensions 1300*1100*1500mm 1350*1200*1300mm 1500*1380*1140mm
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