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Aluminum Can Baler

The aluminum can baler is ideal for the compression of pop can, oil drum, aluminum strip, and other various soft cans. The hydraulic powered machine is very easy to install and adheres to standard baler size, which occupies a relatively small area. Built on a highly stable framed and capable of juggernaut pressure, this model is extremely popular for the recycling of aluminum can and aluminum strip. The default auto button control can be toggled between manual and full auto mode. The unit ships in a sturdy steel frame and wooden case to ensure product integrity during transport. Customized exterior paint and OEM service are also available by client request. Due to popular demand, this aluminum can baler is always in stock. Expect 7-10 days for delivery.

Technical Specifications
Nominal force: 50 ton/60ton
Bale size: 300*300 mm (L*W)
Bale weight: 7-10kg
Capacity: 6-10 bales/hour
Chamber size: 300*300*1200mm
Motor power: 7.5kw/11kw
Cycle time: 25-30 seconds
Control method: button control
Dimension: 1150*1250*2900mm
Weight: 1-1.3ton

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