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Glass processing machinery includes automatic glass loading station, manual / semi-automatic or automatic glass cutting tables, horizontal and vertical single line glass edging machine, double line glass straight edging machine, glass drilling machine and glass cleaning.

Besides this glass production line, we also have special machines for processing mirror, phone screen, and optical glass. And we can customize machines for glass with special sizes.

Glass Loading Machine
Series No. Description Parameter
1 Model 2621 single station
2 Min. glass size 1000x1000mm
3 Max. glass size 2600x2000mm
4 Glass thickness 3-19mm
5 Fastest loading cycle 40-60 seconds
6 Transmission speed 0 ~ 40m / min (adjustable)
7 Max. suction piece depth 700mm
8 Max. glass weight 750kg
9 Loading arm quantity 3 arm
10 Voltage 380V/50Hz (customized)
11 Installed power 4.15Kw
12 Compressed air 0.3Mpa
13 Vacuum pressure -70 ~ 90Kpa
14 X-axis regular walking speed 25 m / min (frequency adjustable)
15 Y-axis regular walking speed 5 m / min (frequency adjustable)
16 Table height 910±20mm
17 Machine size 2800x1900x980mm
Semi-Automatic Glass Cutting Machine
Series No. Description Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter
1 Model SY-700 SY-1212 SY-2621 SY-4026
2 Max cutting size 650*650mm 1150*1150mm 2550*2050mm 3660*2440mm
3 Min cutting size 10*10mm 10*10mm 20x20mm 20*20mm
4 Cutting thickness 2-19mm 2-19mm 2-19mm 2-19mm
5 Cutting diagonal ≤±0.20mm ≤±0.20mm ≤±0.20mm ≤±0.20mm
6 Cutting parallelism ≤±0.15mm ≤±0.15mm ≤±0.15mm ≤±0.15mm
7 Table size 700*700mm 1200*1200mm 2600*2100mm 4000*2600mm
8 Weight 400kg 770kg 1650kg 3500kg
9 Dimension 1400*1300*1040mm 1910*1850*1150mm 3050*2550*1140mm 4500*3050*1140mm
Horizontal Single Line Glass Edging Machine
Series No. Description Parameter Parameter Parameter
1 Model SY-1000-4 SY-1500-5 SY-2000-8
2 Max processing glass size 1000x1000mm 1500x1500mm 2000x2000mm
3 Min processing glass size 50x50mm 50x50mm 50x50mm
4 Processing glass thickness 2-25mm 3-25mm 3-25mm
5 Feeding speed 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min 0.5-5m/min
7 Power 8kw 10.2kw 13.6kw
8 Weight 1300kg 1600kg 2200kg
Vertical Single-Line Edge Grinding Machine
Series No. Description Parameter
1 Model SY-9243
2 Max. processing glass size 3600x2400mm
3 Min. processing glass size 100x100mm
4 Processing glass thickness 3-19mm
5 Worktable height 750mm
6 Beveling angle 0-20°
7 Feeding speed 0.3-3m/min
8 Power 18kw
9 Dimension 7500x1000x2500m
10 Weight 5000kg

Large Glass Double Line Straight Edging Machine
Series No. Description Parameter Parameter Parameter
1 Model SY-2500-18 SY-3500-18 SY-4000-20
2 Max. processing glass size 2500x2500mm 3500x3500mm 4000*4000mm
3 Min. processing glass size 200x200mm 300x300mm 450*450mm
4 Processing glass thickness 3-25mm 3-25mm 3-25mm
5 Parallelism ±0.2mm/m ±0.2mm/m ±0.2mm/m
6 Diagonal ±0.3mm/m ±0.3mm/m ±0.3mm/m
7 Power 23.2kw 23.2kw 25.4kw
8 Weight 7500kg 9000kg 9500kg
Glass Drilling Machine
Series No. Description Parameter
1 Model DR-1200
2 Drilling diameter 3-120mm
3 Max. glass size 2000x3000mm
4 Glass thickness 0.7-19mm
5 Machine size 2500x2000x1650mm
6 Weight 1200kg
7 Power 4.4kw
Glass Cleaning Machine
Series No . Description Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter
1 Model SY-500 SY-1000 SY-2000 SY-2 5
2 Max . glass width 500mm 1000mm 2000mm 2500mm
3 Min . glass width 30*30mm 100*100mm 500 *500 mm 600*600mm
4 Fan power 0.8Kw 2.5KW 3Kw 3KW
5 Machine power 7.5Kw 11KW 15Kw 15KW
6 Weight 500kg 1300kg 2800kg 3000kg
7 Dimension 1850*650*1000mm 3100*1150*100mm 5800x2200x1000mm 600*2650*1000mm
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