Roll Forming Machine for Barrel Hoop / Lock Ring

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Roll Forming Machine for Barrel Hoop / Lock Ring

This roll forming machine is a special equipment for producing different kinds of barrel hoops and lock rings. It can achieve rings forming, rolling and cutting at the same time. The barrel hoops produced by our machine can be used as metal drum, plastic drum, fiber drum, chemical barrel, cleaner barrel, etc.

1. The specification ( diameter and length) is adjustable;
2. Barrel hoop making machine has eight digital counters with production setting function, it can set the product quantity, and stop automatically when the making process is finished;
3. Compact structure, accurate material;
4. Lock ring making machine adopts reasonable technology for machining and heating;
5. Features of high precision and intensity parts, our roll forming equipment has long service life and wear resistance;
6. With the advantages of attractive design, rational construction and low voice, our cold roll forming machine is easy and simple to handle;
7. Complete function, high automation.

Main Technical Data
1. Model: CB4
2. Material: Q195/Q215 cold roll coil, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, etc.
3. Power: 380V, 3P, 4kw
4. Thickness range: 0.5mm-1.5mm
5. Diameter range: 200-600mm
6. Material width: 15-60mm
7. Capacity: 15-20m/min
8. Number of main forming rollers: 4sets
9. Dimension(mm): 1800*1500*1200mm
10. Weight: 800kg

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