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Air Filter Hot Press Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Specifically designed for the manufacturing of air conditioner air filter and other related applications, the air filter hot pressing machine is fitted with a plastic high frequency welding machine and powered by 16ton hydraulic pressure to guarantee the highest quality welding. The mold consists of imported copper-aluminum material to provide superior conductive properties. There is null heat conduction zone restricted to middle sections during welding operations to ensure high performance filtration results. The machine processes non-woven air filter via induction heating and press forming. The resulting product is commonly installed in Japanese cars. The forming mould and dye may be customized according to client specifications. This machine ships with a valid parts warrantee.

Technical Specifications
Input capacity: 15KVA
Welding capacity: 10KVA
Max. pressure: 16000kg
Worktable size: 350x600mm
Welding time: 1-10seconds
Control: Semi-automatic control
Temperature: Max.300℃
Overall size: 1500x600x2400mm
Weight: 2400kg

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