P.P Air Filter Injection Machine

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P.P Air Filter Injection Machine

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The P.P air filter injection machine frame is based primarily on the plastic injection molding machine. Through the simple changing of injection mould or die, distinct plastic frames will appear, conforming to corresponding air filter shapes. BOBO provides a one year parts warrantee with the purchase of this machine.

Technical Specifications

Model Units ZSJ-1500
Screw Diameter mm ¢50 ¢60
Injection Pressure Kg/cm 1554 1079
Theoretical Shot volume cm 353 508
Max. Shot Weight g/Oz 324/11.4 466/16.4
Injection Rate Cm/sec 147 212
Temperature Control ZONE 4
Material Hopper Capacity L 30
Clamping Force T 155
Opening Force T 12.3
Upper Mold Plate Size mm 840*910
Lower Mold Plate Size /
Distance Between Mold Column 660*630
Min. Mold Height (thickness) 250

As a China-based PP air filter injection machine manufacturer and supplier, our company also provides stainless steel flatware machine, car wheel rim machine, corrugated pipe machine, among others.

Related Names

Foam Injecting Machine
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