Table Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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Table type CNC plasma cutting machine

System Configuration
CNC control system: JT-300 controller from China.
Servo motor: Panasonic (or other brands) from Japan
Decelerators: two sets, NEUGUET from Germany
Plasma power: PowerMAX series from Hypertherm, USA
High precision linear rail: ABBA from Taiwan
Ball bearing screw from Taiwan
Height adjusting motor: from Taiwan
Arc-pressure height adjusting system: Automatic type from domestic source.
15" LCD from domestic source
FastCAM nesting software and FastShape duct expanding software from Australia
With water flume, suitable for dry-cutting and underwater cutting.

Technical Specifications
Width of table: 3000mm
Valuable cutting width: 2000mm
Table length: 4000mm
Valuable cutting length: 3000mm
Cutting thickness: 1-16mm
Max. cutting speed: 15000mm/min
Height adjusting stroke: 1-200mm
Positioning accuracy: +/- 0.2mm
Repositioning accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
Motor power: 3kW

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