Seam Welding Machine

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Seam Welding Machine

The seam welding machine closes the round segment seam through welding. With a longer and taller arm specifically designed for ventilation air duct work, the electrode and welding arm is made from high standard copper for better conductivity. The duty cycle is rated as 50% and indicates high efficiency work.

Main technical data

FN-35 FN-55 FN-75 FN-100
Rated input capacity 35KVA 55KVA 75KVA 100KVA
Rated input voltage 1-380V/50HZ 3-380V/50HZ
Rated load cycle 50%
Max.output capacity 45KVA 88KVA 110KVA 170KVA
Max. short circuit current 6200A 11000A 16000A 26000A
Max. pressure of electrode 400kgf 600kgf 1000kgf
The flow of cooling water 6L /min 8L /min
Arm length 1200mm 350mm (can be longer as you want)
Electrode stroke 80mm
Speed of welding 0.5-3m
Weight 220kg 280kg 350kg 400kg

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