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Corrugated Metal Pipe Machine

The BTF-600 corrugated metal pipe machine is our patented product. This uniquely designed machine is used in the production of metal corrugated culvert pipe through the spiral forming technique instead of the traditional concrete cement pipe, seam welded pipe method of culvert assembly. In contrast to the traditional solution, our spiral corrugated culver pipe forming machine better accommodates site work. For example, it comes with more flexible diameter, a light weight frame, and proper length to help save material cost and operating time for drainage pipe, foundation pit project, and much more. Widely used in many successfully projects within China's domestic regions, the spiral corrugated culvert machine is tested and true. BOBO provides free training either within our plant, or on-site with dispatched technicians for the proper installation and operation of the machine.

Technical Specifications
Diameter range: 2500-6000mm
Material: Cold rolled steel strips 3x298mm (thickness x width)
Decoiler: Vertical type, max.3000kg
Seaming lock: spiral lock forming
Productivity: 0-20m/min, adjustable
Cutting way: Plasma cutting
Driven: Motorized and hydraulic
Motor power: 33KW
Overall size: 3900x1600x1400mm
Weight: 10Ton

Our company is a specialized corrugated metal pipe machine manufacturer in China. We also provide spiral duct machine, bolt and nut machine, waste paper baler, circular shear, among others.

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