Spot Welding Machine

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Spot Welding Machine

The spot welding machine is mainly used to connect steel strips for continuity. The efficient design of the machine eliminates the need to remove the scrap steel strip and feed in new steel coil. The welding capacity can be customized as needed to accommodate plate welding of a thickness of up to 2mm. Pneumatic and hydraulic power options are available for super heavy duty work.

Technical Specifications
Primary voltage: 220V
Rated capacity: 4KVA
Rated duty cycle: 20%
Max welding thickness: 1+1mm
Electrode stroke: 150mm
Weight: 13KG

As a specialized spot welding machine manufacturer and supplier in China, BOBO Machine also provides filter core making machine, flexible duct machine, PU Foam Injection Machine, spiral duct machine, and much more.

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