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Hydraulic Polyurea Spray Machine BDF-V

The hydraulic polyurea spray machine BDF-V is specially designed for polyurea elastomer product, which is widely used in wall, roof, refrigerator, tank body, abrasive layer of pipeline, it is used as the protection coat with waterproof and antiseptic purposes. The polyurea spray equipment is hydraulic driven, with more stable performance and higher output.

Main Technical Data
Model BDF-V
Max. flow capacity 2-8kg/min
Mixing ratio 1:1, fixed ratio
Material viscosity range 200-1000CPS (operation temperature)
Max. system pressure 25MPa
Single material output press Max. 26MPa
Hydraulic pressure 8-12MPa (for working)
Material heating capacity 9000W×2
Hose heating capacity 3200W
Max. hose length 90M
Electric system 38A x 3 + 16A -380V 3Phase
Driven system Full-hydraulic
Cleaning system Pneumatic cleaning
Dimension 1100x700x1400mm
Weight 350KG
Standard configuration Main machine, one set 2 Feeding pumps 1 Spray gun Gun connection hose 1.5 m Heating hose 15m
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