Cycle Spoke Making Machine

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Cycle Spoke Making Machine

The BZF series cycle spoke making machine can continuously straighten, cut, feed, drive head, bend, and thread roll wires in one reliable, automatic process. Each operation is also capable of standalone function for individual processing. BOBO provides a one year parts warrantee with the purchase of this machine.

Technical Specifications
Model: BZF-91
Wire diameter: Ф1.84-4.00mm
Cut-off length: 140-250mm
Straightening capacity: 90-130pcs/min
Driving head & bending & thread rolling capacity: 150pcs/min
Motor power of straightening: 1.5kw
Motor power of driving head & bending & thread rolling: 2.2kw
Dimension: 1580 x 1400 x 1430mm
Weight: 2260kg

We are a cycle spoke making machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as air filter hot press machine, wheel testing machine, corrugated pipe machine, and punch press machine.

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