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The nut making machine is a fully functional production line that incorporates the nut cold header and the nut tapping machine. In over 25 years, BOBO remains the leading Chinese manufacturer for this type of machinery. All key components are produced by us and adhere to strict quality assurance protocols. In addition, the machine main frames have all undergone quenched and heat treatment for improved stability.

Nut Making Machine
Nut cold header

The nut cold header produces square nuts, hex nuts, and flange nuts from bar or wire coil via cold heading. The horizontal cold heading machine is capable of automatic feeding, cutting, pushing, clamping, and heading processes.

Technical Specifications

Model Size Work stroke (mm) Capacity (pcs /min) Motor power (kw ) Dimension (mm) Weight (kg)
Z41-4 M3-M4 80mm 160 3.0 1200×730×1035 1200
Z41-6 M4-M6 85mm 120 5.5 2395×1430×1230 3600
Z41-8 M6-M8 108mm 100 7.5 2560×15000×1350 4500
Z41-10 M8-M10 108mm 90 11 3200×1800×1500 5500
Z41-12 M10-M12 120mm 85 15 4200×2600×1600 9200
Z41-16 M14-M16 150mm 70 22 5020×2800×1800 15000
Z41-20 M16-M20 165mm 65 40 6000×2800×1800 20000
Z41-24 M18-M24 200mm 55 45 6500×3000×2000 28000
Z41-30 M18-M30 200mm 55 55 6800×3100×2100 40000
Nut Making Machine
Nut tapping machine

The nut tapping machine forms the screw thread inside a nut, ideal for hex nut, flange nut, square nut, and other various nuts. The machine can function automatically for feeding and tapping processes as well as product collection upon completion. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic nut tapping machines with various output capacities are available.

Technical Specifications

Model Size Capacity (pcs ) Motor power (kw ) Weight (kg)
LJ-4-M10 M6-M10 100-130 1.1kw-4 960
LJ-4-M12 M8-M12 90-120 1.5kw-6 1190
LJ-4-M16 M14-M16 60-110 2.2kw-4 1950
LJ-4-M22 M18-M22 45-70 3kw-6 2800
LJ-4-M30 M24-M30 20-30 4.5kw-6 4000

BOBO Machine is a professional nut making machine manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including flexible hose machine, waste paper baler, PU Gasket Seal Machine, and more.

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