Anchor Chain Welding Machine

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Anchor Chain Welding Machine

The anchor chain welding machine is a full production line that consists of a heating machine, feeding machine, ring forming machine, butt welding machine, scrap trimming machine, stud fixing machine, and rotary frame machine. The chain rod diameter spans from 20mm up to 130mm depending on the configuration. Free training is available for the anchor chain forming machine, anchor chain welding machine, and anchor chain testing machine at our plant in China. Highly skilled technicians are also available for deployment to your location for on-site installation and commissioned training. BOBO provides a one year parts warrantee with the purchase of the anchor chain welding machine.

Technical Specifications
Welding capacity: 200KVA
Duty cycle: 50%
Clamp cylinder Φ100/Φ70-100 two pics
Forging cylinder Φ100/Φ55-180 one pic
Pump flux: 15L/Min
Pump pressure: 16Mpa
Motor power: 5.5KW
Weight: about 6.5Ton

As a China anchor chain welding machine manufacturer, our company also supplies foam cutting machine, bolt and nut machine, filter paper pleating machine, and more.

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