Spiral Duct Forming Machine

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Spiral Duct Forming Machine

The BTF-I spiral duct forming machine is designated as our most economical model and commonly seen in ventilation duct work. The forming mould consists of spring steel, which offers a more flexible diameter range at lower cost. There is a one year warranty on parts including forming moulds, lock forming roller, positioning roller, sensor, and more. Default key components such as PLC or the inverter can be swapped for premium Mitsubishi or Omron parts at extra charge. The spiral duct forming machine is equipped with flexible strip moulds capable of producing variable diameters and a high speed synchronic tracking-cut system for high working efficiency. Light weight and compact, this machine is perfect for on-site work. PLC control enables user-friendly operation, and CE conformity makes this model available on the European market.

Technical Specifications
Suitable material: Galvanized steel strip
Strip thickness: 0.4 ~ 0.8mm
Strip width: 137mm
Diameter range: 80mm ~ 1000mm.
Strip feeding speed: 1~38m/min, adjustable
Motor power: total 9.5KW
Dimension: 3500mm x 2800mm x 2580mm
Weight: 2500kg

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