Outer Casing Cutting Machine

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Outer Casing Cutting Machine

The outer casing cutting machine is utilized in the precision cutting of casing conduit based on predefined lengths. The unit is automatically controlled by computer with preset cutting lengths and quantities and is equipped for mass production. The grinding wheel cutter automatically detects cutting positions and adjusts accordingly through pneumatic means for smooth and accurate separations. A built-in safeguard prevents the machine from operating without a viable outer casting conduit feed while an alarm detects for conduit stretching and ensures high product quality. This machine comes with a one year parts warrantee.

Technical Specifications
Suitable conduit diameter: for different kinds of diameter, can be customized
Production capacity: 1200 pieces/hour (as 1000mm long each)
Cutting tolerance: ±1mm for length less than 2000mm
Motor power: 3kw (customized based on conduit size)
Dimension: 2200x800x850mm
Weight: about 300kg

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