Duct Flange Forming Machine

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Duct Flange Forming Machine

The TC flange forming machine consists of the decoiling machine, a roll forming machine, and an auto cutting system. The forming rollers are all quenched and heat treated for improved structural integrity. The auto flying cutter is pneumatic driven with a precision tracking system, and the flange can be cut online continuously. BOBO offers a one year parts warrantee and free training in our plant. Technicians are also available on-site for installation upon request.

Technical Specifications
Working speed: 6-8 m/min. (Depends on length of flange)
Steps of rollers: 14 stations
Shearing: following fly cutting system (manual)
Sheet thickness: 0.4 - 1.0 mm
Motor power: 3kw
Dimension: 6000 x 1800 x 1500 mm
Weight: 3000 kg

As a China-based duct flange forming machine manufacturer and supplier, we at BOBO Machine also provide rotary swaging machine, punch press machine, shearing machine and press brake, among others.

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