High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

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High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

The High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine is commonly used in the processing of long pouring length and products with more evenly distributed density such as insulation door work, pipe insulation work, and more. With high work pressure and a PLC control system, the machine is capable of fully automatic operation including material feeding, mixing, injecting, pouring, and cleaning. BOBO supplies a one year parts warrantee and raw materials including Poly and ISO with the purchase of every PU Foam Injection Machine. Customizable exterior paint, flow capacity, tank storage capacity, and OEM service are available upon client request.

High pressure polyurethane foam injection machine is mainly used for continuously injecting rigid or soft polyurethane foam for various thermal insulation purposes.

This PU foam equipment is controlled by PLC, and has the advantages of high accuracy, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. When pre-set first injection is finished, the alarming relay will give alarms. Our foam injection machine is free cleaning because it has strong mixing power, and the mixing ratio is adjustable. Besides, we have pneumatic driven arm and auto feeding device for option.

Main Technical Data
No. Item Data
1 Injection pressure 10 ~ 20Mpa (adjustable)
2 Inject capacity 100g -200 kg /min (optional)
3 Mixing ratio range 1:5 ~ 5:1 (adjustable)
4 Material temperature control error range ±2 ℃
5 Mixing head LX1422-2K Double cylinder, Four Tubing
6 Hydraulic system Flow: 10L/min Pressure: 10 ~ 20MPa
7 Tank volume 250L
8 Poly measuring pump JLB-55
9 ISO measuring pump JLB-28
10 Temperature control system 2×9Kw
11 Motor power 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase, can be customized
12 Arm type Mechanical or pneumatic
13 Dimension 4100x1250x2300mm (arm included)
14 Weight 2800 kg
Machine Component
No. Item Quantity
1 Chassis 1
2 Measuring pump 2
3 High and low pressure cycle switching unit 2
4 Magnetic coupling 2
5 Self-cleaning filter 2
6 Mixing head 1
7 Hydraulic system 1
8 Electrical control system 1
9 Temperature control unit 2
10 Heat exchanger 2
11 Piping systems 2
12 Feeding pump 2
13 Tank 2
14 Chiller 1

Our company is a specialized High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine manufacturer in China. Apart from PU Foam Injection Machine, we also offer chain welding machine, car wheel rim machine, corrugated pipe machine, and more.

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