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Wheel Butt Welding Machine

The hydraulic wheel butt welding machine welds the wheel in sequence of the roll bending process. The automated processes include clamping, forging, flashing, welding and unloading. The welding transformer holds a capacity in between 400KVA to 1200KVA and covers all standard wheel rim sizes. In comparison with traditional mechanical cam powered machines, the hydraulic wheel butt welder provides more efficient and smooth operating functions. A default centralized lubrication system is implemented to ensure long lasting durability. The wheel butt welding machine ships with a one year parts warrantee.

Technical Specifications

Rated capacity 800KVA
Primary supply 380V / 50hz
Welding section 400~4500m²
Welding width 100-500mm
Welding thickness Max. 8mm
Adjusting series of primary supply 8 grade (7-14V)
Duty cycle 50 %
Cooling water pressure ≥0.2Mpa
Cooling water temperature <25 ℃
Cooling water consumption ≥3000L /h
Air pressure ≥0.4Mpa
Clamp open stroke 20-80mm
Max. clamping force 600KN
Forging force 300KN

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