Wheel Deburring Machine

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Wheel Deburring Machine

The wheel deburring machine efficiently removes welding slag after the flash butt welding process. The operation is automatically driven by a powerful hydraulic system. The work stroke and length is customizable in accordance with wheel size. Tough and durable scrapper blades are implemented on either sides of the trimming machine to simultaneously remove welding slap from both interior and exterior wheel surfaces. BOBO provides a one year parts warrantee with the purchase of the wheel deburring machine.

Technical Specifications

Nominal trimming force Kg 13000
Stroke of blade rod Mm 300
Ram stroke Mm 100
Motor power KW 22
Cycle times stroke/minute 5
Dimension Mm 3200 ×1450 ×1700
Weight kg 5000

We are a China-based wheel deburring machine manufacturer and supplier. We also offer Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine, scrap metal baler, bolt and nut machine, among others.

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