Wheel Disc Spinning Machine

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Wheel Disc Spinning Machine

The wheel disc spinning machine produces wheel disc from metal sheet via a spinning, flow forming process. In contrast with traditional hydraulic forming, the wheel flow method is capable of manufacturing smoother wheel disk with enhanced hardness and no visible cracks. The hydraulic driven machine is user-friendly and implements the PLC interface to facilitate automation and cut down labor costs while maintaining exceptional quality of wheel discs. BOBO offers a one year warranty with the purchase of this machine.

Technical Specifications
Rotary speed of principal axis: 220r/min
Diameter range of finished product: 16"-24.5"
Max. height of finished product: 140mm
Max. diameter of billet: 650mm
Min. diameter of billet: 380mm
Max. thickness of billet: 16mm
Roughness of finished product: 3.2-1.6mm/m²
Productivity: 45-50pics/hour

As a specialized wheel disc spinning machine manufacturer in China, BOBO Machine also offers metal chip briquetting machine, foam cutting machine, spiral duct machine, waste paper baler, and much more.

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