Steel Wheel Rim Machine

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Steel Wheel Rim Machine

The steel wheel rim machine is designed to produce double-edge seam welded rim, single-edge seam welded rim, and no-edge seam welded rim. It performs functions such as forming, edge welding, and the looping of a bicycle rim or motorcycle rim. The wheel rim machines are capable of synchronized production in a complete line or standalone semi-automatic operations. BOBO provides a one year parts warrantee with the purchase of this machine.

Technical Specifications
Forming Roller Number: Main Roller in 10 Pairs;
Aux. Roller in 6 Pairs;
Horizontal Roller in 12 Pair;
Looping Roller in 1 Pair;
Diagonal Roller in 11 Pair
Forming Speed: 0~20m/min , adjustable
Forming Speed: 0~20m/min per rim
Welding Speed: 0~12m/min per rim
Forming Range: 12"~28" rim
Adjustable Distance: 138~160mm
Welding Transformer Parameters:440V/6.4, 7.3/8.4V Duty Ratio100% 200KVAx2
Motor Type: YCT250-4B 22KW 1SET
Y132M1-6 4KWI 1SET
AO6324 0.25KW 1SET
Dimension: 14020x5660x1840mm
Weight: 12800kg

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