Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine BDF-IX

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Polyurethane Spray Foam Machine BDF-IX

BDF-IX polyurethane spray foam machine is the lasted design based on the successful experience of the models of BDF-II and BDF-IV. The heating system is more accurate and safe, the heating hose is wrapped with copper strips which can be used as water-proof coating. The wheel is made of solid rubber, that is more suitable for site-work. And the foam spray gun is upgraded with better spraying effect and easy maintenance. With these technical improvements, this new generation of pneumatic high pressure polyurethane foam spray machine is more stable, safer and more efficient.

Main Technical Data
No. Description Data
1 Flux capacity 2-8kg/min
2 Max. material temperature 70 centigrade
3 Mixing pressure 5-10MPa
4 Heating capacity 9.5 KW
5 Max. heating hose length 90meter
6 Driving method Pneumatic driven with air compressor
7 Electric power system 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase (can be customized)
8 Package dimension 930x800x1250mm
9 Gross weight 125Kg
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